Why Free Blogging Sites Are a Great Place to Start Your Blog (Infographic)


You’ve decided to start a blog, but you’ve looked into how to make a website and you’re unsure if it’s time to make that leap. If this sounds like you, then you’re the perfect candidate for a free blogging site. Luckily there are many others like you who want to experience the world of blogging, which means you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Today I’ll show you some of the best reasons to choose a free blog site before presenting a comparison chart infographic that will help you decide which platform will have the privilege of hosting your blog.

The Benefits of a Free Blog

Whether you’re going with WordPress or you decide to create a Blogger site, there are plenty of great benefits for those who wish to try their hand at the wide world of blogging:

  • It’s free, you can have a website up and running in minutes! You’ll also find free themes, layouts, and templates to choose from.
  • The hosting is reliable and provided by the company. Downtime shouldn’t be an issue.
  • They are extremely user-friendly and great for beginners.

Choosing Your Free Blogging Platform (Infographic)

Every blogging site has different features, offers, and tools for you to utilize. The infographic below is packed with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Personally, I think every site should use WordPress, but that’s just me. Check it out and let us know which platform you chose in the comments!


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