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A series of casual conversations with agency owners and entrepreneurs about building a better business online with WordPress and the tools it offers.

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Reena Popat Carter Bond

Ep.6: Business & Law – What You Need To Know

If you run a business online, what are the legal essentials for small businesses – regardless of whether you have a WordPress website or not? In this episode, we talk to Reena Popat, Managing Partner at Carter Bond Solicitors, about how small businesses can stay legally compliant by sharing guidance and tips for entrepreneurs.

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Alex Murray from Tilious talks about SEO for WordPress

Ep.5: SEO & WordPress for Business Owners

Why are search engine optimization (SEO) techniques important and how do you actually implement them in WordPress to grow your business?

In this episode, we talk to Alex Murray from Tilious, an SEO agency that helps ambitious independent businesses grow with a revenue-focused approach. Alex shares how he helps his customers rank higher on search engines and what it takes for businesses with a WordPress website to get quick wins and long-term success.

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Lee Rickler Point and Stare WordPress Agency

Ep.4: DIY WordPress Maintenance

Do you prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to build, grow, and maintain a business and its website using WordPress? It’s all fun and games in the beginning, but as soon as something goes wrong or functionality needs to be added, that’s when most challenges arise and people start to struggle or get stuck.

In this episode, we talk to Lee Rickler from Point and Stare, a London-based WordPress agency. Lee shares some of the basics of looking after your own WordPress website properly and building a business website that works.

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Angela Squires Wordhound

Ep.3: Using a blog to grow your business

WordPress makes it easy to publish blog posts and simple for businesses to thrive online. Why and how does having a blog on your website increase traffic, inquiries, and help you to become an expert in your field?

In this episode, we talk to Angela Squires, Accounts Director at WordHound, about all things blogging, content marketing and growing a business online.

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Cheryl Laidlaw - wordpress websites in a day

Ep.2: How to build a WordPress website in a day

Where should you start when setting up a WordPress website for your business to get it created in just one day?

In this episode of What the ‘Press? Podcast, Suraj Sodha talks to Cheryl Laidlaw, CEO of Website in a Day, who shares tips and ideas about building WordPress websites.

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WordPress Podcast Episode 1

Ep.1: What’s this all about?

Are you passionate about business and WordPress? Looking for insights from agency founders, customers, and peers to grow your businesses?

Listen to shared lessons learned over the years and WordPress knowledge and business ideas that will help you scale your business faster. Hear from other successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts from different industries.

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What the ‘Press is this all about?!

We know our customers and partners are always looking for new ways to grow their businesses, so we’ve decided to launch our own podcast to share lessons we’ve learned over the years in growing our own business and also hear from other successful business owners, entrepreneurs and experts from different industries.

The common thread in all of our episodes will be how WordPress was used to grow a business.

Tune in every week to hear insightful conversations with successful entrepreneurs, and innovative business owners. We’ll be sharing our WordPress knowledge as well as business ideas that you can use to help scale your business faster.

Our host Suraj Sodha, Founder of WPMaintain, will be speaking with our guests about a plethora of topics including managing a web agency, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and using the internet to grow your business.

Like so many businesses, we’ve had to deal with challenges in the midst of a pandemic and work in a completely remote way. So, our first season of What The ‘Press? includes episodes on succeeding and thriving through challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic.

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