Ep.3: Using a blog to grow your business

WordPress makes it easy to publish blog posts and simple for businesses to thrive online. Why and how does having a blog on your website increase traffic, inquiries, and help you to become an expert in your field? In this episode, we talk to Angela Squires, Accounts Director at WordHound, about all things blogging, content marketing and growing a business online.

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Angela Squires Wordhound

Episode Highlights and Topics:

  • Why blogging is important – to tell people what you do and why you do it
  • How the pandemic of 2020 impacted WordHound and other businesses
  • White Label Services: Copywriters helping copywriters to speed up the content process
  • Benefits: Blogging boosts business by being honest, giving people what they want/need
  • Potential Pitfalls: Prepare to outsource to get better results faster with insider knowledge
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools: Creates compelling copy but lacks human element/input
  • Angela’s Big Takeaway: Just write, you can always change it


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