Ep.2: How to build a WordPress website in a day

Where should you start when setting up a WordPress website for your business to get it created in just one day? In this episode of What the ‘Press? Podcast, Suraj Sodha talks to Cheryl Laidlaw, CEO of Website in a Day, who shares tips and ideas about building WordPress websites.

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Cheryl Laidlaw - wordpress websites in a day

Cheryl is passionate about making accessible and affordable websites using WordPress. She proves that you can quickly get a website built on WordPress to get a business up and running.

Episode Highlights and Topics:

  • Eliminate the Gap in Market: How and why Cheryl started Website in a Day
  • Why WordPress? Favorite choice for flexible CMS and platform
  • Rubbish or Remarkable? Cheryl describes Website in a Day concept and process
  • Two Perspectives: Cheryl understands the developer’s and business owner’s POV
  • Superpowers: Speed, efficiency, and simplicity are WPMaintain’s core values
  • Pain Point: Not starting, finishing, or launching website, but getting content from clients
  • Feel Good Factor: Cheryl watches clients go from complete disbelief to confidence boost
  • Common Challenges: Make sure clients have managed and maintained hosting services
  • Website Necessities: Copy, professional photographs or stock images, and passwords
  • How to build a healthy business to attract clients, give good customer service, get paid


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