Pay-per-Click (PPC)

WPMaintain has partnered with Tilious to offer Google Ads PPC services to our clients.

PPC, Pay-Per-Click is a method of using paid Google Ads to promote a website, product or service quickly and effectively. Where SEO can take weeks or months to begin generating results, PPC begins working in days.

Tilious and WPMaintain share a common work ethic -
to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Working together, we will do whatever it takes to get the job done to
help you build a better business online.

Google Ads and PPC

As Google has the lion’s share of website traffic, it makes sense to specialise in leveraging its power for your benefit. As a Google Partner, Tilious are perfectly placed to plan, create and run effective PPC campaigns on your behalf.

Tilious has built a track record of success in PPC and has delivered significant growth to clients using Google Ads.

The Goal of PPC

The concept of Pay-Per-Click is to generate fast results that begin delivering traffic right away. There is no waiting weeks or months for results like with SEO.
You should begin seeing an uptick in visits from the very beginning.

The goal of any PPC campaign is to:

  1. Increase paid traffic
  2. Measure traffic and refine the campaign
  3. Increase revenue

Increase Paid Traffic

By using in-depth research to create targeted, relevant Google Ads, we can attract qualified traffic to your website. We use every trick in the book to make your ads as attractive and clickable as possible to drive as much traffic as possible to your site.

Measure Traffic and Refine the Campaign

A PPC campaign is not a fire and forget task. It’s an ever-evolving campaign that requires constant analysis and a process of continual refinement to deliver the results that will grow your small business.
We continually work to identify areas of improvement and use conversions to assess traffic quality. All designed to maximise the revenue potential of every visitor.


The end goal of any PPC campaign is to increase website revenue. We use cost-per-conversion and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) metrics to ensure you’re getting maximum value out of the campaign and provide the data to prove it.

The PPC Process

We have developed a very effective four step process that delivers quantifiable results from our PPC campaigns.

Tracking and
quick wins

Research and

Testing and

Analysis and

Tracking and
Quick Wins

Before we begin trying to win you more traffic, we have to know what we are dealing with. We use native conversion tracking to identify where visitors come from and help us analyse future success.

We also implement new website actions and landing page optimisation to help your website convert more effectively.

research your audience and competitors

Research and

Research is everything in PPC. We learn everything about your industry, your competitors, your website and your ambitions. We use all that knowledge to develop an effective strategy to deliver the goals you set.

We then perform exhaustive keyword research and audience analysis that will enable us to attract that target audience with the best possible return.

Testing and

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are living, breathing things. They require constant measurement and analysis to ensure they are delivering and frequent optimisations to improve performance.

We test all optimum variations of bids, ads, ad types, keyword combinations and many other elements throughout the campaign.

PPC testing and optimisation
PPC analysis and improvement

Analysis and

There is always room for improvement but without the data to identify areas of improvement, we cannot target our efforts where it is needed most. We analyse everything and use data to drive decisions on ad placement, refinement and improvement throughout the campaign.

We also provide full monthly reports on your PPC campaign. We work with you to ensure they are delivering on the goals you set and welcome all feedback. It’s your money after all!

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