Fully Managed WordPress Maintenance



Works out at just £41/month and you get complete peace of mind that your WordPress website is being looked after so you can focus on your business!



Pay monthly if that's easier for your cash flow. You still get the same great service and your website still gets the same protection!



Charities often don't have a dedicated web team and that's where we can help. We are passionate about helping charities with their web needs.

All of our packages include the following services, whether you pay monthly or annually. If you have any questions about our service or need customised support please contact us.

Full daily backups of your website ▾

Daily backups of your WordPress website ensures that you can go about your business knowing that your website is fully protected incase it needs to be restored in the future. We keep 30 days worth of backups and that includes your WordPress MySQL database as well as the actual content, including your media library.

24/7 real-time security scanning ▾

You'll have complete peace of mind that even whilst you sleep your website is being protected in real-time from any malicious hacks or viruses. Our system will automatically protect your website from threats so it's one less thing for you to worry about.

1-hour of development time per month ▾

Most small businesses don't have access to a dedicated website developer but all WPMaintain customers have full use of our expert developers for 1 hour a month to do more advanced development and coding work if required. They can help you with plugin and theme coding issues as well as any custom programming needs.

Plugins and core WordPress updates done for you ▾

If you've ever updated a plugin or WordPress to the latest version and your website breaks it can be stressful for you because you could be losing sales. Let us manage your updates for you to avoid this problem forever!

Premium web hosting on our dedicated WordPress-only server ▾

A business that relies on their website to generate leads and make sales should not use a cheap, shared hosting option. It's one of the most common causes of website problems and your website is far more vulnerable to going down or getting a virus.

We will host your website for you on our super fast dedicated WordPress server which is one of our unique selling points, that others cannot offer. Websites on our server load faster, are safer and are easier for us to access to make changes for you.

If you were to get the same powerful server we use for yourself it would cost you at least £1,000 per month....but there's no need to do that because you can use ours!

One-click staging area of your entire WordPress website for testing changes and updates ▾

You get full access to a staging area of your website which is a clone of your live website where you can test updates, test new themes, new layouts, new logos, new images, etc and then deploy them to the live version of your website.

This function gives you complete freedom to play around with your website without affecting the actual live version.

Built-in Evercache technology to improve page load speed ▾

Say goodbye to caching and site-speed enhancing plugins forever! Our server has an advanced built-in caching system that will speed up your website. We also offer a CDN option for those who want to host their content on a dedicated content delivery network for even faster performance. 

Automated WordPress Upgrade Protection ▾

Before we update your website to the latest version of WordPress we take a snapshot of it on our staging area. If there are any differences or something doesn't quite work as it should, we will either roll back the update or skip it entirely until a fix is found.

Our WordPress security guarantee ▾

Our guarantee is simple - if we host your website and something goes wrong, we guarantee that we will fix it for you. It's as simple as that. 

Troubleshooting and support to answer your questions ▾
Your content managed ▾

Frequently Asked Questions


What information do you need from me?

In order to get started and to move your website over to our super powerful WordPress server we will need your website admin and FTP/SFTP login details. You can either send us your existing logins or create a new user for us to access the website.

Is my website safe on your server?

Yes, absolutely! We pride ourselves on the security and reliability of our WordPress server. Your website is protected by multiple layers of security and we even integrate Sucuri to give you and us double the protection.

What if I need to make changes to my site?

If you want us to make any changes to your website just email your account manager the instructions and we'll take care of the rest. We'll login, make the requested changes and then email you when your task is complete.

Do you host my email too?

No, we do not host emails on our server. The reason behind this is that we want to focus on one thing and do that one thing really well - WordPress website hosting. We strongly recommend you use Google Apps for Work to host your emails. 

Can you help maintain WordPress Multisite?

Yes, absolutely! Call or email us to tell us more about your multisite network as our pricing is slightly different for a network of websites compared to a standard single WordPress installation.

Why should I trust you with my business website?

Because all we do is WordPress maintenance our team have more experience than most other generalist 'website maintenance' providers. We focus on one thing and do it really well - WordPress maintenance. You get a team of experts who know WordPress inside out and can fix any issue you may have.