8 Tips to Speed Up your WordPress Website


Using WordPress as your website platform, you may have encountered one of its persisting problem: Slow processing. Whether you use it to run a personal blog or for business, you don’t want your users and visitors to feel frustrated because your webpage failed to load while they are on the midst of navigating it.

These glitches in your website might impose a greater loss such as poor brand reputation, lower sales, bad user feedbacks and even low ranking on search engine results if not resolved. In digital age, people not only want their information to be accessible, they also like it fast. Information delay is not an option if you want to maintain the visitors of your website and to keep the loyalty of your customers.

This 8 tips will definitely give you an idea on what are the causes of the problems as well as to how to fix them. From poorly coded plugins to your outdated database to social media sharing button and image loading issues, these guidelines can help you and your users a hassle free and optimized experience in your WordPress powered website.

8 Tips to Speed Up your WordPress

Infographic Credit: http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/making-wordpress-faster/

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