10 WordPress Maintenance Tips for a Smooth-running Site (Infographic)


One of the 200 signals used by Google’s search engine algorithm in terms of ranking is a website’s speed, and while this might seem insignificant compared to the rest of the 199 signals, it has a lot of impact with your website’s ranking and other subsequent signals. A website’s loading time affects other factors, and ignoring or setting it aside isn’t something you should consider.

With the way Google is treating website speed with importance – especially on mobile platforms, it seems like website speed is one of the most important aspects you can’t ignore. After all, their Mobilegeddon and AMP projects are especially targeted to optimise website loading speeds for mobile users. Their algorithm is also built and managed around the idea that online customer satisfaction is highly important.

For visitors, slow website loading times turn them off almost immediately. Due to decreasing attention spans, visitors expect that a website can catch their attention in less than 2 seconds, and any longer will lose it instead. Visitors are more than likely to spend less time browsing your website if they frequently run into slow-loading pages. That would negatively affect conversions, according to studies.

Achieving a speedy website might seem impossible when your website uses over 20 plugins for your website’s features, or if your hosting provider is the problem itself and not how you’ve optimised your website. Or they might not be your only problems – but whatever your dilemmas are, they’re more than likely easy to solve.

This infographic by WPShrug will help you speed up your website – helping you, in turn, to create more conversions from visitors and give you a positive ranking for search engines!


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