Five Famous Websites You Didn’t Know Were Built On WordPress

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – if you’re planning on starting a website of your own, your first choice for the CMS platform should always be WordPress. The platform is flexible, easy to use, extremely cost-effective, and can be customised according to your every requirement.

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And when major web companies prefer WordPress for powering their websites, you know that the team at WordPress is doing something right.

Don’t believe us? Here are five popular websites that run on WordPress!

Five Websites That Are Powered By WordPress


Five Websites You Didn’t Know Are Built On WordPress

One of the most popular websites on technology, TechCrunch reviews the latest internet products and provides breaking news from the tech space. The website also features startup profiles and caters to close to 12 million unique visitors – making it an online hub for all tech enthusiasts. This blog is powered by WordPress.


Five Websites You Didn’t Know Are Built On WordPress

Since its launch in the year 2005, Mashable is a name that has been synonymous with social media and technology, thanks to the highly interesting content that the blog shares with its 6 million social media followers. The fact that the blog receives 20 million unique visitors every month speaks of its popularity, and if a content heavy website like Mashable can get by with WordPress, you can too!

I Can Has Cheezburger

Five Websites You Didn’t Know Are Built On WordPress

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’re sure to have heard of I Can Has Cheezburger. The blog that kicked off the meme spree and made internet superstars out of cats, I Can Has Cheezburger features lolcats (humorous pictures of cats) and pictures of other animals as well. The website gets enormous traffic – close to 1,500,000 hits per day, and is powered by WordPress.

The New York Times Blog

Five Websites You Didn’t Know Are Built On WordPress

The official blogs of The New York Times are all powered by WordPress, and feature exclusive content on a variety of subjects. Some of the popular blogs from this newspaper include At War, Five Thirty Eight, India Ink, Economix, Gadgetwise, Opinionator, and Diner’s Journal.


Five Websites You Didn’t Know Are Built On WordPress

Yes, that’s right. The internationally popular auction and shopping website uses WordPress for the official blog of its parent company, eBay Inc. eBay was one of the most successful companies to emerge after the dot com bubble and brought about a revolution in online shopping and e-commerce. The company’s blog provides different perspectives and opinions, while also providing information about the company’s progress.

These are just five of the millions of websites out on the web that run on WordPress, so the writing on the wall is clear. If you want a non-fussy, easy-to-use, and efficient platform for your website or blog, take a tip from the most successful web owners out there, and try WordPress!

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