How To Build A Squeeze Page with OptimizePress


If you’re trying your hand at internet marketing, then learning how to create a squeeze page is ideally the first thing that you should sign up for. This is extremely important, because only with a squeeze page will you be able to effectively build leads and further promote your product to the right audience.

But before we start off with specifics – what exactly is a squeeze page?

optimize press secretsA squeeze page is a completely independent landing page in an internet marketer’s website that is created with the sole aim of building leads by obtaining every visitor’s email address. That’s exactly why they are called ‘squeeze pages’, because the page should be able to effectively obtain the visitors’ email IDs in return for something of value.

You’re sure to have come across such pages when you browse – pages where you have to enter your email ID to download a sample, or access a video or some other form of content. The best part is that creating a squeeze page for your WordPress website is quite easy, once you know the right steps to take. Here are some quick tips that can help.

The Elements Of A Squeeze Page

You’ll need a little external help for creating the perfect squeeze page, as these pages often follow a particular template.

  • First up, since the squeeze page is designed to obtain private information, the ‘sales copy’ must be convincing enough to see things through.
  • Pay attention to the text and keep it very minimal. Bulleted lists and testimonial can help too.
  • It’s also important to optimize the content with the right keywords (SEO), to drive traffic to the page through relevant search results.
  • A basic knowledge of color psychology can also help you finalize how your page should look.

Internet marketers often use videos and audio files to get their point across faster while keeping the copy minimal. And remember, the page should not have any hyperlinks that lead to other pages – just so that it retains visitors and doesn’t distract them.

Themes Vs Plugins For Creating A Squeeze Page

Look up some examples online to see the different templates that marketers follow for squeeze pages. Once you find the right style/design, you can use a plugin or an existing theme to create your own squeeze page.

Create a Squeeze Page with OptimizePress

Watch this video tutorial showing you how to create a stunning squeeze page for lead generation purposes using OptimizePress. You can buy the OptimizePress theme here.

But beware – using a theme can change the entire look of your site, so it’s always better to stick to a plugin that helps you edit only the squeeze page. You can use Impact, a plugin that helps you create and edit templates based on your needs. Here’s how you can create your own squeeze page.

How To Create A Squeeze Page With The Impact Plugin

  • Install the Impact plugin on your WordPress website
  • Choose one of the standard templates that’s ideal for your squeeze page
  • Customize the page according to your plan – you can align the page elements and change their width and height of such elements
  • Arrange the sidebars, headers and footers the way you want them to be
  • Save the template

Once this is done, create a new WordPress page through the CMS, and you’ll find the Impact plugin on the write/edit screen. You can choose your saved template, and customize it with the sales copy and media that you’ve chosen. Preview the page, and tweak around with it till it’s complete – and voila, you’ll have your own squeeze page!

Creating a squeeze page is really that simple. Just install a plugin and get started!

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