How The WordPress 3.6 New Post Layout Works


WordPress is all set to roll out WordPress 3.6 for its users, and this update is expected to come packed with quite a lot of new features that the company has been testing out during the beta stages.

The new update for the WordPress platform will bring along stylistic changes in the way you create and publish posts on WordPress, and other changes like easier video embedding, imported autosaving, post locking, intuitive menu administration, better revision management, and even a new default theme!

Even though there are so many new features, most of the buzz in centered on the new post layout announced by WordPress – so here are some insights into what this new post layout is and how good it really is.

The WordPress 3.6 New Post Layout

The new post formats introduced for WordPress 3.6 is expected to be available in the form of a plugin, and not a part of the core update. The new formats will be present right on top of the editor window, above the textbox for the post title. This layout has been designed in order to make posting easier and snappier.

With this new post layout, WordPress has actually taken a leaf out of Tumblr’s book, as the latter has a similar post layout that’s designed to help users publish quick blog posts in the form of photos, videos, external links, quotes, and conversations.

This is a calculated move from WordPress’ end, as the company is trying hard to shed the aura of complexity that’s associated with its CMS, especially when compared to new age blogging portals like Tumblr.

What The New Post Formats Are And How They Work

The older versions of WordPress feature four main post formats below the ‘Publish’ window, although this option is barely noticeable. The four formats supported in the previous versions are Standard, Gallery, Image, and Video.

With the expected plugin, the company has packed in additional formats for a better variety, and tweaked with the UI to make the format option much more noticeable (quite like the Tumblr layout).

Here are the new post formats that are expected to be a part of WordPress 3.6:

  • Image: This format can be used to post an image, and it you can either upload an image or use an external URL.
  • Standard: This would be your typical blog post, usually filled with text and a few images.
  • Link: This format allows you to publish a link to another website.
  • Gallery: If there’s more than one image, you can use the Gallery option to post a bunch of images.
  • Chat: Had a funny conversation with a friend? You can paste the transcript into the editor in this format, and publish it!
  • Video/Audio: To publish video/audio clips, you can upload them or paste the embed code. You can use URLs too (only for videos).
  • Quote: Another import from Tumblr, this format allows you to publish your favorite quotes as mini-blog posts.
  • Status: You can post your status, just like you would in other social networking sites.
  • Aside: You can publish any random thought in the form of ‘Aside’.

With the new post layout, WordPress aims to make the interface highly usable, tailor-made for instant posts and quick updates. And with micro-blogging finding more takers with each passing day, this is surely a step in the right direction, and it’s sure to make blogging easier for you!

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