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Why do some businesses and their websites thrive while others fail and generate no leads at all, despite having a beautiful website designed that looks great and works as it should? Put simply, businesses must provide a solution to a problem. People love watching sports whilst sat on a sofa, so it’s no wonder that TV and furniture stores stick around because they continue to solve a problem and meet a need, right? What about the flipside? People don’t want to leave their homes to choose a movie, no more video rental stores, right? Enter, Netflix!

Solving the problems that face the modern consumer is the single most important element of a successful business concept, which is where Melu Managed Live Chat comes in.

“Managed” means Melu does everything for you. Think of us as an online reception, looking after your website visitors from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday. We invite visitors to chat and tell us what they need. We then get their details and pass them to you as a warm lead, making it easier for you to convert them into a new client.

Five problems worth solving on your website

  1. The conversion rate of site visitors to site sales is lower than my competitor (yeah, the one with Live Chat). Imagine you walk into two DIY stores. One without a customer service assistant, the other with. You want to buy something & have questions about it. Store number one (sans assistant) has the item, which reads, “for all product information, call this number”. Dreading being put on hold before finally getting to speak to someone who reads out what you just read on the box, you don’t buy. To store number two, you’re greeted with a knowledgeable person & a proactive “can I help?”, instantly placing you with an expert who can provide the information & advice you need in real time & yes, you buy. Are websites different to physical stores in this context? They aren’t.

  3. I’m losing customers because we can’t provide resolutions as quickly as our competitors (yeah, the ones with Live Chat). Imagine you see a “contact us” link on a website. Fill in your name, fill in your email address, fill in your query before the glorious send button mercifully reveals itself. Now wait for a response for however long your patience lasts which is likely less than the amount of time it takes to start using a company that has yes, Live Chat.

  5. My call centre is expensive to run & I have little idea of the effectiveness of my operators. Ok, this is two problems, but we’re only discussing five overall so we’re cramming. On which point, imagine a Live Chat function where the operators answer several queries simultaneously? How about we mention the operating cost of phone lines? Paying indirectly for ineffective staff when live chat provides the ability to record every word of every conversation for training & monitoring purposes? Yeah, that too.

  7. My competitors (yep, our friends with Live Chat, again) seem to have greater levels of data-driven intelligence on their customers than we do. Of course they do. Melu Managed Live Chat provides invaluable insights into buyer behaviour, locations, feedback and a great deal more. What are the busiest times for your website? Which site customers are frequently visiting but never buying? Which keywords are customers using? In short, how can you become an effective data-driven organisation & respond accordingly to the right trends? Through Melu Managed Live Chat, that’s how.

  9. Let’s finish on a quick one. Go visit ten websites & see how many of them have a Live Chat function. At this point in time, it’s (according to statistics) likely to be around 10% of them. This is a problem for them & it’s a problem for their customers, it doesn’t have to be either for you.

You’re offering your customers an instant, engaging & convenient experience alongside lower costs, higher competitive advantage, higher sales, increased retention, increased satisfaction, increased customer advocacy and a far better business. In other words, you’re offering an awful lot of solutions to an awful lot of problems. Don’t believe us? Find out more at meluchat.com

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